Summer Time Fashion

Tropical season in the Philippines makes hotter in summer days. After a long work and school papers finally! it’s the long vacation we all we have waiting for.

Summer is coming and we all gonna be burn in the sun, long walks and sun bathe in beaches. It’s the moment we all have dreaming of and now it’s the time to use those swimwear you have been keeping in your closets!

But sometimes in the other summer days not all of us always go to those sandy beaches and tourist spots. Some of us here in the Philippines just want to stay at home and trying to survive the summer days against those heat from the sun.

So, what are those best clothing we all been wearing during summertime or what are the best clothes we should wear to battle the heat and have that fresh feel all the way throughout the summer!

Summertime Fashion in Philippines by Forme clothing

In these tropical season we have in the Philippines the good shorts you have in your closets are the best for this coming summer.  Filipinos mostly like to wear shorts especially those who live near in beaches.

Also wear light colors clothes. A research shows how light color saves energy temperature, the lighter your clothes are the lower heat energy you absorb. So, best to have those light colors clothes you have in your closet.

Summertime fashion in Philippines by Penshoppe Clothing

The best alternative clothing for shorts in women are those astonishing skirts!  one example these stunning jumper suit. These are perfect to wear when you want to go outside for a stroll or have that date with your friends or love ones. To have that marvelous look and feeling fresh all the way.

“Spending time with yourself and love ones is what we always do on summertime.”

Strolling with friends “the beshies” or “the gang” just to have that hashtag Friendship Goals. Picnic with family or having a family reunion #familygoals #fambam. Traveling with “bae” just to have that hashtag relationship goals is what most commonly Filipinos do on summertime.

Great Summer Outfit ideas by Forever21 clothing!

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Clothing by Forever21

Get that fresh look with floral skirt and cool blue shirt this coming summer!

Clothing by Forever21

Best suit to have that stroll in the city  “laag” or “lakwatsa” with your friends (barkada) this coming summer! This will make you feel fresh and cool along the way.

Clothing by Forever21